Dear Participants,

The International Medical Congress of Izmir Democracy University – IMCIDU 2019 which is organized by Izmir Democracy University will be held between December 6th-8th, 2019 in İzmir, Turkey.

The theme of the congress will be “Current and Future Practices in Medicine”. During the congress program distinguished national and international speakers will share current knowledge and development in their fields, as well as their knowledge of future diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

With its content covering different disciplines of medicine, our congress aims to bring together the valuable knowledge and experiences of academicians working in different fields of expertise with other colleagues. We are pleased to invite privileged scientists, health professionals and students to the congress to present their academic studies.

Abstracts of your oral or poster presentations including your research and studies from different disciplines of medical science will be evaluated. Full texts will be included in the proceedings book upon the request of the participants.

Hope to meet you at IMCIDU-2019 International Izmir Democracy University Medical Congress in December.

Best regards,